Post-degree 2nd Level Master Programme
(Bachelor and Master Degree required for application)

The past decade has seen a significant shift in the nature of the products being manufactured and sold by the innovative biopharmaceutical industry.

The global biopharmaceutical portfolio reflects increased therapeutic competition, a greater prevalence of biological drugs and biopharmaceutical products, expansion in the number of personalized or targeted drugs, advanced therapeutical medicinal products, and genotype-specific vaccines.

These changes, paired with the rise of advanced manufacturing technologies and the growing market of biosimilar drugs, are driving biopharmaceutical companies to seek increasingly specialized employees/experts who possess experience and skills in the field, who can also work collaboratively on manufacturing innovation through partnerships with academic institutions, diagnostics developers, biopharmaceutical drugs substances manufacturers, and regulatory entities.

In this global international context, UNIMORE has designed a 2nd Level Master Programme at universities, industrial biomanufacturing centers, and national regulatory centers devoted to transferring relevant skills to Master students and industry employees. The present paradigm change is offering biopharma companies to collaboratively work on manufacturing innovation through partnerships with academic institutions, diagnostics developers, and regulatory entities.

Our Master drives a collaborative engagement with pharma, analytical market, hospitals for clinical studies, and regulatory officers which will offer a 375-hour internship position for every student attending the Master program. Internship positions are available in Italy and in the other Countries of the collaborating partners.

These interactions will positively impact society by benefiting society, patients’ communities, the environment, and the nation’s standing as a leader in innovation.

The master training program includes a 15-hour English language course to help students consolidate their language skills and linguistic competence at a B2 level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).