Innovation in manufacturing technology is helping to drive improved economics, flexibility and quality while potentially benefiting patients both directly and indirectly. Biopharmaceuticals are directed in the following areas:

  • New concepts in sustainable pharmaceutical drugs manufacturing and continuous monitoring of the target product profile in a personalized medicine approach.
  • Continuous manufacturing to improve scalability and facilitate time to market.
  • New process analytical tools to improve process robustness, accelerate scale-up by enhancing quality and facilitating time to commercial production and ensure long-term market drug usability.
  • Innovative downstream processing techniques to develop green chemistry to reduce waste.
  • Biopharmaceutical drugs substances, biosimilar drugs, advanced medicinal products, new vaccine, and therapy production methods to increase capacity, scalability, and flexibility.
  • Innovative delivery system to increase pateints’ compliance and facilitate better use of new and existing drugs.
  • Use of artificial intelligence tools facilitating all processes in biopharmaceutical drug factories.
  • Compliance with regulations and ethics.
  • Seek for market opportunities, Open Innovation and Translation.


The master aims to prepare specialized personnel with a high level of qualification, able to cover various professional positions within the biopharmaceutical drugs world.

These professionals will be qualified as:

Manager/ Director of laboratories with biotechnological and pharmacological characterization.

Coordinator of development and monitoring programs of applied biotechnologies in the human health, regarding the industrial development of biopharmaceutical products, the industrial aspects of biotechnological drugs production, the management of scientific and process related data with artificial Intelligence (AI).

Expert in management of the regulatory aspects of the market authorizations, of the ethical and legal implications for the marketing of biopharmaceuticals with aspects of environmental protection and sustainability.