Admission call will be open soon


• Graduate students with core competencies in the field of drug development and pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology, bioengineering

• PhDs with core competencies in the field of drug development and pharmaceutical biotechnology

• Corporate personnel who wish to acquire high-level skills in the field of biopharmaceutical product development and manufacturing process including ethical, regulatory and sustainability aspects.

  • Specialist/master’s degrees in Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy (14/S or LM-13); Medical, Veterinary, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (9/S or LM-9); Industrial Biotechnology (8/S or LM8); Chemical Engineering (27/LM-22 or 27/S), and Chemical Sciences (LM-54 or 62/S); Biology Classes 6/S and LM-6, Biomedical Engineering Classes 26/S and LM-21, Science Technology of Industrial Chemistry Classes 81/S and LM 71.
  • Degrees prior to DM 509/99 in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technology or Pharmacy, Agro-industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnology curriculum Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biotechnology curriculum Industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnology curriculum Medical Biotechnology, Biotechnology curriculum Veterinary Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, and Chemistry;


Master training program enrolment fee:

  • € 6’000.00 registration fee
  • € 3’500.00 Auditor registration fee

Facilities for recently graduated students:

  • € 4’000.00 for students who obtained a degree no more than three years before the application deadline


The Auditors do not take the final exam, are not obliged to attend, do not participate in the internship, are not obliged to prepare the project work, do not acquire the title of II level University Master Programme in Development, Manufacturing and Authorization of Biopharmaceuticals, and do not acquire CFU. The organizing secretariat will issue the auditor with a certificate of attendance.